Hi! I'm Yi Wei. Welcome to the blog and I hope you have a great stay!

A brief background: I was born and bred in Ipoh, a peaceful town north of Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur. In 2009, I moved to Hong Kong for my bachelor's degree and spent 2 years as a conference producer after graduating, covering trading technology and financial risk (super proponent of FinTech and blockchain!). As of January 2016, I've relocated to Malaysia and am excited to see where else I can go in the world.

Thanks to my parents, my siblings and I grew up amid art and music. Despite pursuing a pretty numbers-heavy education (sciences and finance), I love scouring for interesting artists, designers and trends in the field, especially those that are technologically-powered and help us live smarter.

I also enjoy working out (#girlswholift)... probably the safest sports I can engage in given my lack of self-preservation instincts (played some rugby wing at 5'1" and less than 90 lbs).

Other trivia:

Favourite movie: The Lives of Others
Repeat songs: Starry Eyes end credits, A$AP Rocky's 'Wild for the Night'
Inspirations: Van Gogh, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, David Bowie
Guilty pleasures: Indomee, online window shopping
Obsessing over: Scandinavian interior design, cute Japanese and Korean beauty products and home supplies

Thanks for reading x!