May 4, 2015

To Our Kong Kong

This is a form of catharsis for me.

(Song: My adaptation of Lana del Rey's "Old Money")

My grandfather, Wong Peng Mun, aged 92, passed away peacefully in our hometown Ipoh on Thursday, 23 April 2015. Being a very close-knit family, we feel his departure greatly.

My grandfather, or Kong Kong as we called him, was a quiet but smiley man. I used to think he was secretly a ninja / kungfu master. He fled to escape capture during the Japanese Occupation (what a life of adventure! little me thought then). When younger, he was a state footballer, with the moniker "老鼠子" ("little mouse") due to his slight stature - but he was a striker! (My brother was very impressed with this fact.) The confirmation of his ninja-hood came when he caught a buzzing fly with his chopsticks!